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Mark Welbourn

From an early age, Mark has always been humming and singing a tune. His dream was to be up there on stage one day with a bunch of fabulous musicians. His first solo performance was on stage at his primary school end of year show at the age of 11. He sang a New Seekers song and strummed along on his acoustic guitar. 
For 10 years, Mark played the side drum and led the school marching band at many garden parties, village shows and The Lord Mayor's Parade.
Mark spent several summers working on the Radio 1 Roadshow which gave him the perfect opportunity to meet all the stars from The Bee Gees to Robbie Williams. The evening parties on the road always turned in to an amazing "sing along with the real stars" session.
Over the years he has been in several 'covers' bands as both rhythm guitarist and the main singer.
In recent years, a fabulous and coincidental meeting of friends has allowed the formation of The Relayz.
Mark's energy on stage and smiley face will light up your night the minute the music starts 😎

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